Income Replacement Plans Back

Income Replacement Plans allow for you and the ones close to you to cope with extensive monthly expenses and medical costs due to illness. Here at Best Planners Inc., we offer two types of income replacement plans: Disability Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.

Disability Insurance

A monthly benefit based on your present income is given to you when you are accepted forDisability Insurance. This is used as a replacement for your income if you find yourself unable to work due to medical reasons, or accidents. As a result, disability insurance allows you to maintain the same lifestyle even though you may have suffered an injury that has resulted in you not being able to work.

Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance plan allows you to have substantial financial support for critical illnesses, such as a stroke, or terminal cancer. Once diagnosed with a terminal illness, you are subject to a substantial amount of cash that can be used to cover any additional costs.

Additional Benefits of Income Replacement Plans